Less cutted trees

Ligna 4.0 is much more than just a panel.

In fact, this product is the synthesis of a research and production process that has led to the creation of a surface able to meet the highest demands in terms of design and functionality, while respecting the environment.


The support of the panels is made up of an agglomerate of wood with a consequent minimal environmental impact, in view of a real circular economy.

The surface

The panel’s coating is a technology and nano-technology concentrate. In fact, the highly resistant surface consists of a vegetable parchment on which the wooden grains and its colors are embossed. Special treatments ensure high aesthetic performances, together with high quality 

Better than wood

Ligna 4.0 is a worthy and very valid substitute of wood veneer: it maintains its visual and tactile characteristics, has continuity of tone and color, excellent resistance to light, liquids and humidity.