Innovation of surfaces


Innovation of surfaces
Producing today, planning what will come next

Krono System | Eurocomponenti produces avant-garde components for designer furniture. All its solutions, such as semi-finished furniture parts, components and finishes for cabinet doors and tops, feature perfect finishing, good looks and functionality. We apply consolidated experience, a vision of environmental friendliness and constant improvement to developing new ideas for furniture.

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tecnologie 02
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Experience builds the future: Industry 4.0

This dynamic company embraces family values and is orientated to constant development. Production has been re-planned to the dictates of Industry 4.0 and automation, enhancing our consolidated expertise, renowned in Italy and abroad.

Industria 4.0
Labelling, packing and dispatching

Along with aesthetics and performance, we also develop practical expedients for our customers. Our products are supplied with a bar code and QR code that give all the information relating to the product involved; packing is created to reduce its environmental impact and our dispatch area is provided with loading docks.

Gentle changes
No solvents, quiet production

We believe in changes that bring greater and more widespread wellbeing to all our workshops. For years we have adopted a process that does not involve solvents, preferring more sustainable, equally effective methods, and have installed innovative machinery that ensures a quiet workplace.

Produzione silenziosa
A wide range: semi-finished or band-edged

Krono System | Eurocomponenti provides a wide range of solutions to meet its partners’ different needs. It supplies both semi-finished parts and band-edged surfaces. These are perfectly finished panels with straight, inclined or semi-inclined edges, according to requirements.

Backings in various thicknesses and materials
  • MDF
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