Any difficulty to get super matte surfaces for your products?

Formex is the scratch-resistant, anti-fingerprint and soft touch acrylic surface, the right choice for your needs. Ideal for kitchen doors and vertical surfaces, this super matt finish is the perfect solution to enhance panels and components. Realized by a special nanotechnology treatment applied with excimer lamps, it guarantees to the surfaces unprecedented functionality and a soft and refined aesthetic.

Why choose it?

– Always available in stock
– No delivery delays
– Super matte
– Anti-fingerprint
– Antibacterical
– Scratch resistant
– Resistant to light
– Easy to work with
– Low emissions of VOCs
– Easy to clean
– 10+ decors

Some of the Formex shades

The range of “timeless” colors:

– White M701
– Black M709
– Gray Earth M710

The “trendy” news:

– Forest Green M714
– Terra Rossa M712