Krono System’s contribution to an economy on human scale

The twelfth edition of the GreenItaly 2021 reportAn economy on a human scale for the future of Europe” has just been published, created by Symbola Foundation and Unioncamere, with the cooperation of Tagliacarne Study Center and with the patronage of the Ecological Transition . The study, which is conducted annually, aims to take stock of data and stories on the situation of the green economy in our country and its strengths. From the research emerges an Italy that, from the agri-food sector to the automotive one, from the textile and fashion world to that of construction, aims to give life to a new way of producing, based on sustainability, innovation and beauty.

Sustainability, technology and design are the three cornerstones on which the doing business of companies in the Italian wood-furniture world is developing, which have decided to modify their products and production processes. Sustainability, in addition to being necessary for the future of the planet, reduces risk profiles for businesses and for society as a whole, stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship, and makes production chains more competitive. As underlined by the Manifesto of Assisi, promoted by Symbola and the Sacro Convento: “facing the climate crisis with courage is not only necessary, but represents a great opportunity to make our economy and our society more human-friendly and therefore more capable of the future“.

Among the companies mentioned in the GreenItaly 2020 report there was also Krono System | Eurocomponenti, which has always practiced ethical choices capable of guaranteeing recyclable products, VOC free and with internationally recognized certifications. We are FSC and PEFC certified and are committed to developing and promoting eco-sustainable products such as Ligna 4.0 to help the environment and to take concrete action on people’s quality of life. Ligna 4.0, the coating that is a concentrate of technology and nano-technology, is one of the latest product lines developed by our company. This innovative surface, in fact, is made up of an agglomerate of recycled wood with a reduced environmental impact, in view of a production model devoted to circularity, but which at the same time ensures a high aesthetic yield, very high quality standards and a excellent resistance.

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